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Tag Heuer Carrera Green Limited Edition 500 pieces 39mm Stainless Steel 11/2021 ref.CBK221F

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The Tag Heuer Carrera special edition seamlessly blends the heritage of the original 1963 model with contemporary elegance. Paying homage to its predecessor with signature lugs and a captivating “glass-box” sapphire crystal, the watch embodies the classic Carrera design. 

A standout feature is the “Teal” dial, merging blue and green hues for a uniquely creative and sophisticated aesthetic. The 39mm steel case, inspired by TAG Heuer’s history, harmoniously balances tradition and modernity, featuring meticulously crafted details, a historical logo, and indicating its limited edition status. 

The watch is powered by the in-house Heuer 02 movement, boasting an 80-hour power reserve, a vertical clutch, and a column wheel, showcasing precision and craftsmanship. Green highlights on the rotor and column wheel add a dramatic touch, contributing to the watch’s distinctive appearance and emphasizing meticulous craftsmanship.