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Article: 5 things you may not know about Rolex 2020+ warranty cards

5 things you may not know about Rolex 2020+ warranty cards

5 things you may not know about Rolex 2020+ warranty cards

With the ever-increasing emergence of counterfeits, watch manufacturers such as IWC with its online warranty extension activation program, Breitling which uses Blockchain technology or even Hublot, a pioneer in the adoption of technology for service of authentication and its Hublotista program which allows electronic identification of its watches via its smart card.

Although Rolex adopted electronic activation at the retailer, it still experienced a slight delay once the watch was in the hands of its lucky owner.
It was difficult for him to be able to check the information about his part and warranty online. Its information remains only available from Rolex.

Unlike the old cards which included the name of the buyer, the selling store and the country code, the latest Rolex warranty cards only contain this information:
* Model reference number
* The serial number, unique for each part
* The date of purchase, recorded by the official Rolex store

Now we would like to tell you 5 interesting points that you may not know about the legitimacy of the warranty card.

1 - NFC Friendly
Did you know that if you place the Rolex warranty card near a cell phone with NFC (Near-field communication) function. If the warranty card is real, the phone will indicate NFC chip detection and direct you to the official Rolex website.
If, on the contrary, it is a fake card, the phone will not react to contact with the card.


2 - Textured numbers & letters
The numbers and letters on the front/back indicating the reference and serial number of the authentic warranty card are slightly raised. As for the fake warranty card, the characters and numbers on it are completely unresponsive to touch. You can feel the difference between a real and a fake card by touching it.


3 - Gold edges
The original Rolex warranty card is plated with a layer of gold around it, while the fake warranty card is not as well finished and the sides are just plain.


4 - Reaction to UV light
Illuminate the blank space above the template on the back of the Rolex warranty card with UV light.
If the warranty card is genuine, a chip-like pattern will appear under UV light, while the fake card will not show anything under light.
Another important point is the part number and serial number will appear fluorescent under ultraviolet light.



5 - Golden sand green
The dark green background of the real warranty card will have a slight golden sand effect, while the dark green of a fake warranty card will have a much more subdued appearance.


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Thankyou for the info. Will be using these tips when i pick up my watch at weekend.
Great insight


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