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Article: Protect your new Rolex from robbery, here is how!

Protect your new Rolex from robbery, here is how!

Protect your new Rolex from robbery, here is how!

Rolex is probably the most recognisable world’s brand. From their marketing strategy to their investment value, they have demonstrated to be a very solid brand to own. What is coming with so many pros bring also his lot of cons. One of the worst one is the robbery aspect.   
The aim of this article is to give some precautionary steps to avoid to face this issue and in case of stolen giving you some chances to have it back in your hands.
 Time changed! You will cross some people that tell you that 10 years ago, you were still able to enter a Rolex Authorized Dealer, ask for a submariner, seeing it in stock, ready to go and even getting a 5% discount. This time is unfortunately gone... Today, many sports models are only accessible from the famous Rolex waiting list. If by chance you have been able to get one, it is natural that you want to protect your purchase.

Store your Rolex documentation, physically and digitally.
Every Rolex comes with a green box, outer box, watch manual, green tag and of course its warranty card where you will find the model reference number, the serial number and the date of purchase. On recent model, the serial number must match the one engraved in the rehaut of the watch, located at 6 o’clock
You’ll want nice clear photographs of the warranty card, receipt and the front, back, bracelet of the watch. Make sure the model number and serial number are easily visible in the pictures on both the watch and card.
Once the pictures are done, store them, ideally password protected in a cloud storage. You will find many options available on iCloud, Google Drive, dropbox etc. This will help you to have the information at your disposal anytime, anywhere.
If your watch is stolen, you will access the information easily and will allow the authorities to easily identify your Rolex. 

Insure your Rolex
Your standard home insurance will cover some loss but generally speaking, the amount covered is limited and chances are your expensive toy will not be under the umbrella. Read or ask your insurance contact to check this.

Store your Rolex in a safe
It is common to have safe at home when you have expensive items at home. This can be a good solution to store your watch on a daily basis if you wear it frequently. If you only wear it during special occasion, considering a deposit box at a bank can be a very good and not so expensive option.

My Rolex has been stolen, what can I do?
First, act the soonest and follow these steps :
  1. Go to the closest police station and fill a police report and provide them the pictures you took of the watch and serial.
  2. Call the insurance company and provide them the same info as the one provided to the police.
  3. Call a watch dealer and let him know that your watch has been stolen. The watch industry is a small world where the dealers share common groups. Some of these groups list the watch stolen. If the watch will be offered to a dealer, they will ensure that it is not a stolen watch.
  4. Check platforms like leboncoin, Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Chrono24 and watch forums to check if your stolen Rolex appears for sale.
We sincerely hope that these advices will help you to protect you beautiful Rolex. But in all cases, don’t forget to enjoy wearing it in good health.
Of course, if you are looking for a piece, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you buy it in a safe way. 

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